Toward a Parade of Irreverent Commentary

I am a new contributor at Memory Hole that seeks to frankly address a variety of issues in American academe from what will sometimes be an ironic liberal perspective that this blog may from time-to-time lack. Being a generally open-minded chap, Dr. Tracy has offered me a platform and I am proceeding under a pseudonym of my own choosing.

This is necessary because the academic community, perhaps surprisingly, is among the foremost holdouts to views and analyses that even modestly diverge from its own. In addition, contributing to a site like this using my real name could seriously torpedo my chances of ever receiving an NEH grant or obtaining weighty blurbs from established colleagues for any future book project.

Given Tracy’s more or less dubious status following his outrageously conspiratorial, anti-Obama (e.g. racist), pro-gun control observations in 2013 concerning the Newtown shooting and Boston bombing events, having any association with him would also jeopardize my plans to one day “retire” into a substantially higher pay grade as an administrator at my institution. Moreover, there’s no reason why Obama or Attorney General Eric Holder would have lied to us–especially those of us on the progressive left. As most of my liberal colleagues implicitly know, if several centuries of wanton White Anglo Saxon racist imperialist brutality hasn’t taught African Americans some measure of docility and obedience, what will?

But I digress. Despite the fact that Tracy’s insights were only called in to question by the very media that enthusiastically “reported” each of those occurrences, universities and their salaried faculty care far less about truth and integrity than fortifying their respective institutions’ bankrolls by bringing in grant money and doing the perfunctory work to further pad their own resumés.

This is particularly the case if any events or issues in question are, well, considered the least bit “controversial” by the media and broader public. After all, climbing the ladder in higher ed requires a sort of double-think, for otherwise one may fall in to the trap of possibly identifying with and researching the concrete social and political realities that “the real 99+%” must contend with on a regular basis.

Thus “go along to get along” involves a solid commitment of never second-guessing who you think you see in the mirror. An optimistic, “winning” attitude is key, particularly since one is enmeshed in an austere, manipulable workplace hierarchy where your privilege of tenure is directly predicated on your fear and carefully concealed loathing of the often poorly paid, non-tenured “instructors” who conduct close to 75% of the teaching at most US colleges and universities today.

But you didn’t hear any of the above remarks disparaging modern academe and what passes for official intellectual discourse from me. I am here to represent that tradition of unimpeded, politically correct, philanthropy-funded idea and knowledge production, provide to you an idea of how it all functions, while preserving my future prospects for career advancement in the process.


One thought on “Toward a Parade of Irreverent Commentary

  1. keep up the good work. it’s too bad that the vast majority of your colleagues in academia lack the spine to break ranks with the party-line, and share a quest for the truth – wherever the facts may lead them. hopefully, you’ll be able to come out of the closet, someday.


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