White Identity and the Limits of Free Speech

Today Sociology and African American Studies Professor Saida Grundy officially joins the faculty at Boston University. As someone attempting to come to terms with my own identity I am delighted to welcome such a courageous colleague to the academy.

Boston U Prof. Saida Grundy [Image Credit: Twitter]
In May a controversy erupted when the vivacious incoming assistant professor “Tweeted” remarks construed as racist by some close-minded observers. For example, in January 2015 she wrote,

Every MLK week I commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned businesses. and every year i find it nearly impossible.

In another Tweet she stated,

Deal with your white shit, white people. slavery is a *YALL* thing.

Grundy apologized for the posts, stating that such subject matter required greater “nuance,” and that they emanated from a “personal passion.” Shortly after this Grundy was accused of another spirited run-in via social media with a caucasian woman.

Then the press reported how Grundy had a brush with the law in 2008 when she used photos of another woman to create a phony account on an adult website while in a jealous rage over the woman dating a former boyfriend.

Boston U donors and alumni, many of whom are likely white like myself, kicked up a fuss at Professor Grundy’s candid remarks and minor act of online identity theft. The idea of such a “racist” individual in the classroom with future BU grads was unthinkable. Such “disappointment” at Grundy’s statements was expressed by BU President Robert Brown.

In my view this criticism is poorly founded. This is because, as almost everyone working in the US academy today recognizes, racism and sexism are thought (and potentially speech) crimes that can only be committed by white European men, most of whom are “straight,” or heterosexual, and thus most inclined to espouse “hate” through their subjectively-perceived gender and racial superiority. In more poignant terms this is the legacy of “white supremacy.”

In higher education one’s identity, or what might be deemed “street cred,” is based on the nature and legitimacy of their oppression(s). As a straight white American male I have come to accept the fact that my identity is in disrepair. Moreover, I carry the genetic-biological burden of my white supremacist forebears that has left me wracked with guilt at my own tainted relationship to the past. This guilt is even more pronounced because the maternal side of my family is from a state that once chose to reject the great emancipator, President Abraham Lincoln.

The Confederate flag still flies outside South Carolina’s capitol building.

I am troubled that my great grandparents once likely espoused the white privilege, and yes, perhaps even “hate,” that I must struggle with on a day-to-day basis. A recovering alcoholic, only my psychiatrist has helped me cope with my straight white shame through a regimen of psychoanalysis and mild antidepressants.

When Dr. Saida Grunday Tweets, “Deal with your white shit, white people. slavery is a *YALL* thing,” I simply must admire her spunk and give BU a “tip o’ the hat” for welcoming such an insightful and courageous woman onto its faculty. Professor Grundy’s remarks truly denote the American tradition of free speech at its finest. In fact, she deserves her own drive-time talk show.

On the other hand, as the race-fueled vengeance of Dylann Roof suggests, the Confederate “Stars and Bars” does not constitute valid or acceptable expression and must be expunged from public life. As President Obama rightly notes, such an artifact should be consigned to museum exhibits. The selfless freedom fighters at the Southern Poverty Law Center have raised the alarm over the past several years that Nazi and pro-white groups are on the rise throughout the US. It’s past the time that we act.

As indicated in the subtle yet insensitive racism of Prof. Grundy’s critics alongside the blatant resurgence of brutal, race-based violence evident in the Charleston shooting, privileged white America must learn mutual respect for all human beings regardless of race, and perhaps a bit more respect for what they erroneously deem to be the “racism” of non-whites.


One thought on “White Identity and the Limits of Free Speech

  1. This reminds so much of the catholic high school I went to where the nuns would blame us for putting thorns into the head of Christ…yep, even for such a simple thing as talking in class when she stepped out of the room. I knew even at that young age, that it was pure Bullsht…and I know now older and wiser the complete and utter BS of the not-no-new and not-improved same old story line being pushed on every street corner by the left’s drooling imbeciles…that is of course, that I should FEEL guilty for something I never did. Nor did MY ancestors….the libs out here on the east coast believing in fairy dust and unicorn farts, can take YOUR white privilege and stick it where the sun don’t shine. You, like that nun are so full of it. As for my so called white privilege I am now being told by the left that I had no right to raise five, count ’em five, outstanding children who all graduated top of their college class…2 of them ivy leagues. I chose not to climb any corporate ladder, preferring instead to be a professional at what I did with my family. What the left has yet to get is that my five will probably save your arses come social security time…while their 1.8 will do basically ‘jack’. For that the feminist frumps of New England find me a simpleton, all the meanwhile their claim to fame is de-balling all white men….which said men have turned into fem bots of a weird nature to placate the fem/male bots stuck on stupid..not to mention looking for arabs to straighten them around. Either via clit cutting, honor killings, rapes or the sadistic flavor de jour that such women crave. And we see that they do crave that abuse or else they wouldn’t have ripped all white guys a new one…guess what girls?… and you ARE girls unable to be with a real man, you have managed to de-ball white men—guess what?.. karma is a beaatch….that de-balling will morph into your declitorization by koranimals. It is a known fact that much of the terrorist activity is in response to American feminists, half wits that they are. The entire left is more than sad….and the RINOS have just about caught up with their lack of critical thinking. Our country is headed down the tubes and it isn’t because of any so called white privilege…it will be as a result of Marxist bs profs around the country.


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